Exhibition: Patricia Forrest

Artist’s Statement

I am an alumni of both Central St Martins (University of the Arts) and University of Westminster, graduating with a Degree in Fine Art.

Painting was my starting point, working mainly with pigments on a large scale to explore ‘structures’ physically and metaphorically. I continued to explore this theme through photography, gradually merging and blurring the two mediums.

I have continued to develop mixed media work. The challenge of combining the immediacy of photography with the evolutionary process of painting is inspiring and stimulating. I use digitally manipulated imagery as an iterative process of constructing and deconstructing imagery.

Inspired by the land and seascapes of Mersea, I have explored the theme of ‘horizons’ using a combination of images to evoke feelings and memories. The familiar appears within the unfamiliar to suggest and evoke a feeling or past experience.

In this particular body of work I have combined the everyday with raw and earthy gestural brush strokes, complimented by colour to create atmosphere and a sense of what has been. I have aimed to also capture the dramatic impact of lighting ever present in the changing Mersea seascape.